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All websites are built using HTML code. The code is behind the website you see on your screen.

If a Web Designer knows HTML code then they can build you a website, alter an existing website, adapt a template to meet your requirements, and carry out effective SEO.

Some "web designers" only use one particular CMS system,  such as Wordpress or Joomla. These systems allow those designers to build websites without having to use any actual HTML code. The CMS system creates the HTML code for them in the background. 

Some "web designers" do not actually know HTML code. This is okay until the template they are using need to be altered to suit the clients wishes. 

Advantages of HTML

If you do not "need" to update a website yourself then we still recommend HTML websites.

HTML websites use less code than a Wordpress or Joomla one meaning they load faster - an SEO factor.

HTML websites are also more secure. Some people seem intent on hacking into websites and changing the content. This can be a big problem CMS websites.



Wordpress is a free to use content management system used to build websites.

It is the most popular "CMS" (content management system). Some estimates say 22.5% of all websites have been built with it

There are currently over 2600 templates and over 31,000 plugins available for free to use with Wordpress.

Wordpress was created as blogging software but over the years has been extended so that now it can be used for many types of website.

Advantages of Wordpress

It is relatively easy to use and allows the client to update their site by themselves.

There are lots of designs to chose from and additions that can extend the functionality of the site.

We would recommend that it is used on relatively straightforward websites.

Disadvantages of Wordpress

Although there are many free templates most decent ones cost money.

Making changes to a template might not be straightforward so it is best to get a template that will provide exactly what you want.


Like Wordpress, Joomla is a free to use CMS (Content Management System) that is used to build websites. It allows site owners to add their own content to the site.

Joomla is the second most popular CMS and has thousands of extensions that can be used with it.

Joomla offers more complex site development options than Wordpress.

Joomla is our preferred option when building a website that requires CMS functionality.

Advantages of Joomla

Joomla allows you to build a site with more content and structure than Wordpress. The flexibility of Joomla means it is possible to easily change the layout and design of a template. Joomla supports E-commerce, social networking and more.

Disadvantages of Joomla

Although there are free templates and extensions expect to pay for premier quality ones. Prices tend to be higher than for similar functionality in HTML or Wordpress.

About Forth SEO

Forth SEO specialises in web site optimisation for our clients who are mostly in the East Lothian and Edinburgh area.

We are also East Lothian based web designers and under the name Forthweb create responsive websites using handcoded HTML or cms sites using Joomla and Wordpress. 

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