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Responsive Design

From 21st April 2015 Google began to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in search results. In other words you are likely to rank higher if you have a responsive design website.


Unlike companies who specialise in only one system Forth SEO can optimise hand built websites created with HTML or sites constructed using CMS systems such as Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

Clean Code

A website built with html that conforms to W3C guidelines is always a great place to start. Forth SEO can read the code in your website and can correct many of the "Errors" that may be penalising your site.

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East Lothian based SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting a website found on Google and other search engines. Effective SEO and your site will rank highly in seraches using Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines

A website that appears higher and more frequently in search results will receive more more visits. More visits mean more custmers, more sales more business and more profit for the site owner

People can pay a lot of money for a fantastic looking website> But they often neglect the optimisation. As a result no one can find it on Google.

What is the point of javing a great looking website if no one can find it ?

All of the websites that have been built at Fort Web for our clients in East Lothian, Edinburgh and Midlothian are easily found using the major search engines.



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No Promises about Page 1

We aim to get your website on page 1 of Google. However that may take time, a lot of work and a good deal of patience

At Forth SEO we will not promise you the earth. We will be honest with you and do our best to get your website as high up the rankings as we can. But where you end up depends on how strong your competition is. Some site managers will change their site if you displace them. Good seo involves getting to the top of the rankings and then staying there.

Got a Website

At Forth SEO we started by learning to build websites using html code. HTML forms the basis of all websites. It has developed over the years and the latest version is html 5.

Because we started with the basics, handcoding html, it now means we can build responsive mobile friendly websites using html or with cms systems such as Joomla or Wordpress.

Having built websites using various systems we have the SEO knowledge and experience to make them all rank well on Google.

When designing a website we will suggest the way that is most appropriate for you. We will not just restrict you to one method. A method that may be inappropriate for your needs.

When it comes to SEO we will optimise whatever type of site you have.

We prefer if you ask us to design your website too. But that is not a requirement. Have a look at some of our east lothian web designs created at Forthweb.

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About Forth SEO

Forth SEO specialises in web site optimisation for our clients who are mostly in the East Lothian and Edinburgh area.

We are also East Lothian based web designers and under the name Forthweb create responsive websites using handcoded HTML or cms sites using Joomla and Wordpress. 

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